Tube China in Tomsk Russian Federation tooth coupling near me shop 1621913900 in Makhachkala Russian Federation bowex price Pipe Fitting Air Compressor Parts Hose Assembly with top quality lowest price

Tube  China  in   Tomsk Russian Federation   tooth coupling  near me shop  1621913900  in   Makhachkala Russian Federation   bowex  price  Pipe Fitting Air Compressor Parts Hose Assembly with top quality lowest price

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Solution info

Short introduction for substantial stress rubber hose assemble tube pipe fittings
Description&colon high pressure rubber hose assemble tube pipe fittings
Kind&colonhose assemble
with large high quality and reduced price 


Manufacturer&colon jiubei

Specialized knowledge

large force Rubber Hose Assembly Details

Software Utilised to transportation compressed air and inert fuel for mining&comma civil construction&comma manufacturing unit and and many others&interval
Tube Oil resistant artificial rubber
Reinforcement 1>one or two substantial tensile metal wire braid hose
2>four or 6 high tensile steel wire EPT hose
3>one or two tensile steel fibre braid &lpar1T&solB&rpar &lpar2T&solB&rpar
Include Abrasion and weather conditions resistant artificial rubber
Temperature 1>-forty Celsius diploma — &plus100Celsius degree
2>-40 Celsius diploma — &plus125Celsius degree

Substantial strain Rubber Hose Assembly

Wire braid Rubber hose one&periodSAE 100R1AT&sol DIN EN853 1SN
2&periodSAE 100R2AT&sol DIN EN853 2SN
3&periodSAE R5
four&periodSAE R16
Wire EPT Rubber hose one&periodDIN 2571 EN856 4SP
two&periodDIN 2571 EN856 4SH
3&periodSAE 100 R12
four&periodSAE one hundred R13
Fibre braid Rubber hose one&periodSAE 100R7&solEN855 R7
2&periodSAE 100R8&solEN855 R8
three&periodSAE a hundred R3
4&periodSAE 100 R6
Other Rubber hose one&periodSAE 100R14 &lparTeflon hose&rpar
two&periodMETAL Adaptable HOSE


Nominal  Diameter Inside   Diameter &lparmm&rpar Reinforcement   Diameter &lparmm&rpar Exterior   DiamMineter &lparmm&rpar Doing work   Strain &lparmax&time period&rpar Evidence   Force Bursting   Force &lparmin&period&rpar Bending   Radius &lparmin&period of time&rpar Fat Approx
mm inch Min Max Min Max Min Max Mpa Mpa Mpa mm Kg&solm
six&period4 1&sol4” 6&period2 seven 14&period1 15&period3 17&period1 18&period7 forty five ninety 180 120 &period64
nine&period5 3&sol8” nine&period3 10&period1 16&period9 18&period1 twenty&period6 22&period2 44&period5 89 178 a hundred thirty &period75
twelve&period7 1&sol2” twelve&period3 13&period5 19&period4 21 23&period8 twenty five&period4 forty one&period5 83 166 a hundred and eighty &period89
fifteen&period9 5&sol8” fifteen&period5 sixteen&period7 23 24&period6 27&period4 29 35 70 one hundred forty 225 one&period1
19 three&sol4” eighteen&period6 19&period8 27&period4 29 31&period4 33 35 70 a hundred and forty 280 1&period5
twenty five&period4 1” twenty five 26&period4 34&period5 36&period1 38&period5 40&period9 28 56 112 355 two
31&period8 1&interval four&sol1” 31&period3 33 forty five forty seven 49&period2 52&period4 21 42 84 460 3
38&period1 1&time period one&sol2” 37&period7 39&period3 51&period4 53&period4 fifty five&period6 58&period8 18&period5 37 74 560 three&period4
50&period5 4” 50&period4 52 sixty four&period3 sixty six&period3 68&period2 seventy one&period4 sixteen&period5 33 sixty six 660 four&period35



screw air compressor flexible hose assemble
with high high quality and minimal price 


Businesss scope


                             Company scope
Mechanical Seal &colon
Temperature Sensor Force Sensor
Routine maintenance Kits Solenoid Valve Thermostatic Valve
Air consumption Wheel Gear
Pressure Maintaining   Valve
Air Filter Oil Separator Oil Filter
Oil Degree Indicator Circuit Board Master Management Air intake valve
Used air compressor Air-finish Oil stage indicator


Extra information


No Product Fuel displacement m3&solmin Energy&lparkw&rpar
 7&period5bar  8&period5&sol8bar 10bar 13bar
1 GA5P FM &period9 &period8 &period7 &period5 five
two GA7P FM one&period2 1&period1 one &period8 seven
3 GA11P FM 1&period7 1&period6 one&period5 one&period2 eleven
4 GXe15P FM 2&period58 two&period36 two&period18 1&period81 15
5 GXe18P FM three&period15 three&period01 2&period61 2&period23 eighteen
six GXe22P FM three&period61 three&period5 three&period1 two&period7 22
7 GAe11P two 1&period9 one&period6 one&period2 11
8 GAe15P 2&period7 two&period5 two&period3 one&period9 15
9 GAe18P three&period3 three&period1 two&period7 two&period3 18
ten GAe22P 3&period8 three&period7 3&period3 2&period8 22
eleven GAe26P 4&period3 4 3&period7 3&period1 26
12 GAe30P 4&period8 four&period5 four&period3 three&period7 30
13 GA11&plusP 2&period1 two one&period8 1&period5 11
14 GA15&plusP 2&period8 two&period6 2&period4 2 fifteen
15 GA18&plusP three&period5 three&period3 2&period9 2&period5 18
16 GA22&plusP 4&period1 three&period9 3&period5 three 22
seventeen GA26&plusP four&period8 four&period6 four&period2 3&period6 26
18 GA30P five&period4 5&period2 four&period8 four&period1 thirty
19 GA30&plusAP six&period1 6&period0&lpar8bar&rpar four&period8 3&period9 30
20 GA37AP six&period4 6&period3&lpar8bar&rpar 5&period6 4&period5 37
21 GA37&plusAP seven&period1 six&period9&lpar8bar&rpar five&period9 4&period9 37
22 GA45AP seven&period7 7&period3&lpar8bar&rpar six&period5 5&period5 forty five
23 GA45&plusAP 8&period6 eight&period0&lpar8bar&rpar seven&period3 six&period1 forty five
24 GA55AP 10 nine&period3&lpar8bar&rpar 8&period6 7&period4 55
25 GA55&plus&lparA&solW&rparP ten&period6 ten&period1&lpar8bar&rpar eight&period7 ~~~ fifty five
26 GA75AP 13&period1 twelve&period3&lpar8bar&rpar 11 9&period7 seventy five
27 GA75&furthermore&lparA&solW&rparP fourteen&period7 13&period8&lpar8bar&rpar twelve&period2 ten&period2 seventy five
28 GA90&lparA&solW&rparP sixteen&period2 15&period6&lpar8bar&rpar fourteen&period1 twelve 90
Desk 2            
No Model Gasoline displacement m3&solmin Power&lparkw&rpar
 7&period5bar  8&period5bar 10bar 14bar
one GA90-&lparW&rpar 16&period8 fifteen&period8 14&period4 11&period1 ninety
2 GA110&lparW&rpar 20 18&period8 seventeen thirteen&period9 one hundred ten
3 GA132&lparW&rpar 24&period1 22&period9 21 16&period8 132
four GA160&lparW&rpar 30&period4 28&period9 26&period8 21&period7 one hundred sixty
No Design Gasoline displacement m3&solmin Power&lparkw&rpar
 7&period5bar  8&period5bar 10bar 13bar
5 GA200&lparW&rpar 36&period1 34 thirty&period7 26&period1 200
six GA250&lparW&rpar 43&period7 41&period7 37&period8 31&period7 250
seven GA315&lparW&rpar 55 52 forty eight   315
eight GA355&lparW&rpar 60 57 53 forty six 355

Below are the areas which we most often supply for air compressor models&periodIf you cannot discover your areas below &commaplease feel free to make contact with us&periodWe are prepared to support&interval
Temperature Sensor P&periodN
108957107&comma108957144&comma108957164&comma108957101&comma108957102&comma108957103&comma108957105&comma108957106&comma108957108&comma108957141&comma108957140&comma108957116&comma108957155  108957151&comma108995800&comma39560628&comma37952355 39921705  39538079 39271609&comma38433546&comma85652535&comma42853243&comma37952439&comma100003018&commaA571571&comma10571275  10005716   10005716  11507074  11190974  A98612-120  98612-122   A11507074  09Q060G1936  10057146  A10630674   A571571  10571275  
Controller Panel P&periodN
1900070001  1900070003  1900070004  1900070005  1900070007  1900070008
19057101  19057102  19057103  190057101  190057111  190057112
190057102  1900071281  1900071292  190057131  190057132  1900520012
1900520011  1900520001  19057115  190057101  190057111  190057112
190057102  1900071281  1900071292  190057131  190057132  1900070125
1900070122  19057112  19057113  23009848  39825815  92948884
39842786  22136444  23748593
Gear Set P&periodN
162257100&sol2400 1622057100&sol2600  1622057100&sol2800  1622003500&sol3600
1622311067 & 1622311068  1622311571 & 1622311026  1622311571&sol28
1622311571&sol30 1622311033&sol34  1622311035&sol36  1622311037  1622311041&sol42
1622311043&sol44  1622311045&sol46  1622311049&sol50  1622311053&sol54  1622311055&sol56
1622311059&sol60  1622311063&sol64  1622311065&sol66  1614933000&sol1614933100
1614930000&sol1614935710  1614930800&sol0900  1614931000&sol1100  1614931200&sol1300
1614932200&sol2300  1614932400&sol2500  1614932600&sol2700  1614933000&sol3100
1614933200&sol3300  1614933600&sol3700  1614933400&sol 1614933500  162257171&sol24
1622077571&sol28  1613965000&sol5100  1613817400&sol818000  161389800&sol8100
Pressure Sensor P&periodN
1089958001 108957111 108957151 108957141 108957133 108957173
108957165 108957135 108957174 108957164 108957144 108957178
108957128 108957120 108957130 108957154 108957143 39413307
39428305 39875539 39877618 39929435 39853791 39853809 42852483
39883186 39921713 39853775 39853775 39853783 39875539
Cooler P&periodN
1613830901 162175712 1621700302 39893003 54365945 1257173900  
1613782202 1613782203 10571561  1622393100 39924048  88290001-357
Air Filter P&periodN  
1621054699 &sol1621574300 &sol 1614874700 &sol1613610500 &sol16147273 00&sol1622314200 &sol162365200 &sol1621054699 
1621574300&sol1621054700&sol 1621574200&sol103057100&sol2906009200&sol2914931000&sol1613800400&sol1613740700&sol
2914930600&sol295711200&sol295711200&interval&time period&period of time&period&period of time&interval
 Oil Filter P&periodN
Oil Separator P&periodN
2901194402&sol 162257101&sol1613901400&sol1612386900&sol1613755710&sol162205710
Mend Package PN
 Orther Valve P&periodN
157162110&sol 108957112&sol1619733300&sol1619756000&sol 1622369480&sol 1257186903&sol
81335509&sol 250017-280&sol 22516571&sol 22516571&sol 39312905 &sol250038-666&sol250038-755
8829009-775&sol88290001-006&sol 88290006-775&sol39141944


/ The use of authentic tools manufacturer’s (OEM) portion numbers or trademarks , e.g. CASE® and John Deere® are for reference reasons only and for indicating product use and compatibility. Our company and the detailed EPT elements contained herein are not sponsored, accepted, or manufactured by the OEM. /

Tube  China  in   Tomsk Russian Federation   tooth coupling  near me shop  1621913900  in   Makhachkala Russian Federation   bowex  price  Pipe Fitting Air Compressor Parts Hose Assembly with top quality lowest price

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